inspiration from an unlikely source

Blindness.  It means sightless, or greatly impaired in vision.  Usually, it refers to physical sight, but what about your inner sight.  This is the kind of sight that allows you to see beyond a person’s imperfections, and see the person behind the imperfections.
To many people in Denver, the homeless were like rats in New York.  They’re numerous and something to be ignored.  Sure, occasionally you would give them a little spare change, but that was either to get rid of them, or to make you feel good about yourself, but it had nothing to do with helping them.
I used to work at Burger King as an opener.  Every morning, after the store opened, a homeless woman came in to get her morning coffee, and read the newspaper.  Like any homeless person, she was left alone.  Most of the other customers didn’t want anything to do with her.
I worked there 5 days a week and I started carrying on a conversation with her.  I learned a lot from her.  She graduated from college, became a professor at a university, and married her husband.  She was married for 10 years, and then he died of cancer.  After that happened, the bills started piling up, and they became overwhelming.  Eventually she lost her job, and she could no longer afford her home.  She eventually became homeless and spent cold nights in shelters.  She learned at a young age never to beg, so she spent most of her days collecting cans from trash cans and cashing them in, and that was her only way of getting any money.
The more I talked with her, the more I realized that she was very intelligent.  She wasn’t living the ideal life, but she was able to survive through all the problems in her life with her self esteem intact.
I don’t believe in hero worship, and I don’t idolize anyone, but I can honestly say that she was an inspiration to me to never give up on my dreams.
Before you turn a blind eye to the homeless, remember that they are people with dreams just like you, but for whatever reason, they ended up on the streets, and it isn’t always from laziness. And just remember, some of them are intelligent.  So don’t jump to any conclusions, and make an effort to show them they are worth something.  That could be you some day.


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  1. unwriter1 Says:

    Nice clean blog. I like what you’ve said also.

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