Photo Friday: Water Lily Time

July 5, 2019

Every year, at the Mill Creek Park, the water lilies start blooming, and they become the most beautiful water plant.

Water Lilly

First Look Photo: In Flight

July 3, 2019

Through the years, I’ve photographed many dragonflies, but I never really tried to do it while they’re flying.  This was my first successful attempt.

Skimmer 2

Photo Friday: A Step Up

June 28, 2019

Black and white is all about light and pattern, and I love the pattern of these stairs.

Stair case 2

First Look Photo: Playing With a Challenge

June 26, 2019

To me, the purpose of a photo challenge is just to have fun while exercising my creativity. This week, I was to take a special shot, and I decided to take two photos, to answer the challenge.  If you want to see what the challenge is, or want to join in the challenge fun go to

Hand in the Frame

Photo Friday: Reflections around Rocks

June 21, 2019

Reflections around rocks in a river.

Rocks in River

First Look Photo: The Fern Forest

June 19, 2019

If there’s one thing I can always count on in Maine, it’s beautiful forests.

Fern Forest

Photo Friday: The Last Phone Booth

June 14, 2019

Out of the entire city of Portland, the is the only phone booth I’ve seen.

Last Phone Booth

First Look Photo: Cloudy Sunset

June 12, 2019

According to a friend, there are fires in Canada that are giving us some beautiful sunsets.


Photo Friday: Famous Things

June 7, 2019

This shot shows two things Maine is famous for; The Portland Headlight, and the very rocky coast.

phl 1.jpg

First Look Photo: Ready to Ride

June 5, 2019

I wanted to find a fine art way to showcase my bike, and I thought the stairs to the old Fort Williams was a nice way to do it.

Ready to Ride